Cyber Security Network

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. René Treibert Hochschule Niederrhein Professor of Business Informatics, specialising in Programme and System Development
Participation of the Hochschule Niederrhein in the BSI’s cyber security network – training to become an IT security incident expert

The Cyber Management Campus and Clavis in Mönchengladbach support the training of incident experts for the establishment of the BSI’s cyber security network as part of an internal project. The link to the BSI website can be found in the section “Further information is available here”. As part of the process, training modules will be tested as part of project assignments in the BCSM and MCSM degree programmes. With the cyber security network, a nationwide decentralised structure is to be established that efficiently and cost-effectively offers support to SMEs and citizens in the event of IT security incidents. The Cyber Security Network is a voluntary association of qualified experts for handling IT security incidents.

A standardised training programme in the Cyber Security Management degree programme will form the basis in the future to qualify incident experts for IT security incidents.

Students can contact Prof. Dr Matthias Mehrtens and Prof. Dr.-Ing. René Treibert.