Cyber Security Management, M. Sc.

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4 Semester Fulltime/ 6 Semester Part-time

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Degree programme contents

  • Cybercrime
    Weighting: 5 of 5
  • IT Forensics
    Weighting: 4 of 5
  • Integrated Management Systems
    Weighting: 5 of 5
  • Social Engineering
    Weighting: 4 of 5
  • IT Governance and IT Controlling
    Weighting: 5 of 5
  • Management Skills
    Weighting: 5 of 5

That awaits you during your studies

The study concept is based on problem-based learning; set problems from real-life situations are solved largely independently with an active approach geared to practical applications.

  • Digital Forensics & Technical Cyber Defence
  • Cyber Security Management
  • Aspects of Cybercrime
  • Security of the System Architecture
  • Soft Skills

You will, for example, acquire the skills to …

  • Plan and apply technical cyber defence measures and digital forensics to protect IT systems and lead projects to implement information security management systems.
  • Introduce management applications into existing system landscapes, to manage and audit these.
  • Establish performance requirements for external service providers for a Security Operation Centre and manage and monitor these.                      
  • Assess ICT crime in terms of evidence and fraud.
  • In digital forensics, design individual early warning systems and protective methods.             
  • Manage and lead audit processes and audit programmes with respect to opportunities and challenges.

After successful completion of the degree programme, you will be able to use project management/leadership methods to successfully plan and manage safety-relevant and cross-divisional projects and provide professional leadership to cross-company teams.

Future prospects

As a Master graduate of this degree programme, which is geared to the needs and demands of the market, you will be qualified professionally and methodically to effectively meet the requirements of current and future job profiles within the information and communication technology sector as well as critical infrastructures, depending on your chosen focus and personal interests. The knowledge you have acquired is particularly important for companies to control and implement the procedural and organisational information security, in IT operations and information technology.

You can subsequently work in the following professional fields, for example:

Within a company:

  • Management/administrative role as Information Security Officer
  • Head of Data Protection
  • Head of IT Security
  • Cyber Security Expert in the field of NAC and IAM
  • IT Security Expert
  • Lead Auditor

Job profiles as an external employee / freelancer

  • Network Security Specialist
  • ISMS Implementer in compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 and IT Grundschutz (IT Baseline Protection)
  • Auditor in compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 / EnWG of BNetzA and BSI
  • Advisor/Consultant with different fields of specialisation.

As a graduate you will also be highly sought after by federal authorities, such as the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

The high demand for IT security management specialists ensures interesting starting salaries and above-average earnings.

Courses are held in German.

1/6 What our partners say

Jürgen Steinmetz IHK Mittlerer Niederrhein (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Chief Executive
“The Cyber Campus NRW is important for our region because it will ensure that our companies have access to urgently needed IT specialists. Security is the fundamental requirement for the success and acceptance of digitisation. The Cyber Campus NRW will make a valuable contribution in this respect. I was happy to work with all partners to make this happen, and I’m pleased that the federal state supported our initiative.”
Jochen Klenner Member of the Federal State Parliament (Landtag)
“The digital revolution will continue to speed up as a result of the experience gained during the pandemic in recent weeks, for example with regard to remote working and teaching. However, secure systems and data are an essential basis for a digital society . We want to train the required specialists, for example, to prevent attacks on public and private infrastructures such as hospitals, data centres and energy suppliers.”
Dr. Günter Krings, MdB Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of the Interior
“The IT skills shortage is one of the big problems we are facing during digitisation of public life and this is even more true regarding experts in cyber security. The new Cyber Campus NRW is therefore all the more important for our region, as it means that the great backlog in demand for digitisation is finally being addressed. As a result we’re not only doing something for the competitiveness of our businesses, but we’re also making great strides towards a more modern and secure public administration.”
Rolf A. Königs AUNDE Achter & Ebels GmbH Chairman CEO
“In today’s world digitisation has become a permanent and evolving aspect of our personal and professional lives. To keep pace with this development we must ensure that we also technically and structurally manage the associated risks. This is why it is especially important for our region to train highly-qualified specialists for this growing and complex field at our Cyber Campus NRW.”
Dr. Peter Schlegelmilch Brain of Materials AG Board of Directors/CEO Brain of Materials AG
“Our society is becoming increasingly digitised. Sensitive data is stored on a wide variety of electronic media and exchanged through a number of networks. This means that there are many points of attack for criminals to damage companies, be it by means of theft, blackmail, alteration of sensitive data or by damaging the IT infrastructure. For this reason we need a growing number of new experts to provide protection.”
Dr. Bodo Karnbach ITK Rhineland Chair of the Management Board of ITK Rheinland
“Specialised knowledge is essential to provide the best possible protection for municipalities in our association area from cyber-attacks. This is why we need the experts trained at the Cyber Management Campus. They can contribute their know-how to us specifically and directly, for example when it comes to continuously adapting our security strategy to combat new threats.”
Studieren am Cyber Campus NRW
1/4 That’s why Cyber ​​Campus NRW
Our graduates are broadly trained experts in the field of IT security.
Der Cyber Campus NRW - Außenansicht
2/4 That’s why Cyber ​​Campus NRW
Because the subject is evolving rapidly, we often adapt our teaching content to current developments.
Der Cyber Campus NRW im Sommer
3/4 That’s why Cyber ​​Campus NRW
As universities of applied sciences, we attach great importance to practical relevance: Our students work a lot in small groups on projects and apply their specialist knowledge in a company for 12 weeks.
Lehre am Cyber Campus NRW
4/4 That’s why Cyber ​​Campus NRW
We are well networked with companies, authorities and research institutions in the region. Our students not only learn from us, but also benefit from our partners.

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Registration deadline Cyber Security Management M. Sc. for SoSe 2023 starts 01. December 2022 until 15. March 2023.


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