School lab

Prof. Dr.-Ing. René Treibert Hochschule Niederrhein Professor of Business Informatics, specialising in Programme and System Development
The school lab is provided in cooperation with the zdi Centre MG, the Mönchengladbach Economic Development Agency, the Clavis Institute for Information Security of the Hochschule Niederrhein and with funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and covers three different fields of action:

• Field of action I: Awakening interest in IT content among future skilled workers in the Mönchengladbach economy

• Field of action II: Imparting relevant knowledge for the challenges of Industry 4.0

• Field of action III: Supporting teaching staff for teaching computer science as a subject

Clavis offers students in grades 5 to 13 various modules in the areas of information security and Industry 4.0. These mostly 90-minute modules are completed on the University’s premises and can be flexibly adapted to the respective level of knowledge of the student groups. In addition to events for school classes, courses are also offered as part of the Easter, summer and autumn academies, for which students can register depending on their interests.